Case of the Monday's

The husband is out of town, I'm sick, and Sadie is acting like she drank a case of Red Bull...

"Sounds like a case of the Monday's."
Peter Gibbons- Office Space

No menu for this week unless you count saltines and canned soup.

On a higher note, the girls are coming over tonight for margs and the Bachelor. Loving me some Corrie- she grew up in Florida, now lives in Birmingham, and has a fabulous fashion blog. What more could you ask for? Who do you think Jake should choose?

Sorry for the Debbie Downer post. Do you have a case of the Monday's? Watch this- Beyonce, and Justin are my cure.

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Rachael said...


i'm following you now! my friend chelsea is best friends with corrie from the bachelor. (they went to HS together). apparently she didn't open up to him bc she didn't really like him. but i don't know why she was crying the limo then??

hope you and ross are doing well!

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