Ok so I lied. Honestly, I am slightly overwhelmed with my to do list at the moment. This weekend entails...
+paint (or attempt) two LARGE pieces of furniture
+dye fabric slipcover
+finish chandy redo
+spray paint a fan and vase
+find pillows and fun fabric for office redo
+modge podge a whole assortment of goodies
+enjoy the 70s by the pool and finish Breaking Dawn

hmmm impossible? nah.

May your weekend be relaxing and productive.


Holly said...

Your list sounds like mine...so much to do...so little time. Cannot wait to see the projects. Heather nominated you for my new feature I'm Tickled Pink...(it is still in its infancy...starts this friday) email me if you are interested, so we can "chat" "off blog." I can fill you in on details what it is, etc.

oficina Virtual said...

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