i'd like to poll the audience

Friends, I need your help. Along with my cooking hiatus I have been on an "updating" one as well. Pinky swears- I promise to post of all my new projects. Anywho.... here is what I need from you. Advice. 

1. I NEED not want, need a sewing machine. This will be a self taught venture so I need a good machine that is basically fool proof. I've heard good things about this guy, Brother's Project Runway machine and its only $150. Help. I'm clueless.

2. I've been looking everywhere for new lamps for our bedroom. HomeGood, Teej, Ross, Target, you name it and I have probably been. My heart is stuck on these guys. I want them but have no clue where there are. Any ideas?

Please feel free to comment away! Thank you in advance for taking the time to help.


Jessica said...

I am trying to learn to sew also and have a brother but an even more simple model than that, and love it. Can't wait to see your projects!

I've been looking for lamps also and saw HGTV make lamps out of large vases with a lamp kit and shade. That picture made me think of it because i have a vase in that shape. Hope that helps!

Marden Family said...

I just stumbled upon your blog so excuse the random comment :) Ikea has some great glass lamps in right now with linen-looking shades. They're more round, but very pretty. Also, if you're interested, JoAnn Fabrics teaches great sewing classes for around $30!

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