my perfect medium

My mom really wanted some painted sea horses after our trip to Atlanta this summer. I recently surprised her with my creation on the last trip home. 

Together we found this awesome old, dirty, shutter (my perfect medium) at a flea market (Scott's) in Atlanta. For $6 and another free piece (will post about later) I was sold. My biggest issue was keeping the old chipped paint on the back of the shutter. These bad boys were hand painted and then filled in with some watered down paint for a more "washed and weathered" look. 

Mom really had no idea what the heck I was going to do with this scrap; she was shocked. I'm pretty sure she moved it 100 times to find its perfect spot. I love how it can hang on a wall or rest on the floor. Right now its location is in the sunroom which explains the terrible shadows. 

Now I want these friends for my apartment. And don't you love the fall arrangement? The mom has good taste. 

*** Need some friends too? Would love to paint you a masterpiece! Contact me at unexpectedgracemt@gmail.com***

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