so these are my confessions

I'm slightly obsessed with yankee candle's autumn leaves. Ok, slightly? More like addicted. Fall is slowly becoming my favorite season just because of this dang candle. 

The hubby and I ate an entire (25% more) bag of toostie rolls in a week. Making up for being to old to trick-or-treat?

I managed to resist the urge to waste spend money on a bee costume for Sadie today. The pup loves bees, and it was on sale; I am now reconsidering this decision.

Finished the Daniel fast and have never been so thankful for cheese. Not to mention a Savior who loves me just the same as yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

Finally made a trip home. 6 months away is scary and so is the realization that I might never live there again. 

Confessions Part II is so much better than Confessions. 

Peace up. A town's down.

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