snap out of it

i'm in a funk.

maybe because my day consists lately of:
checking blogs for an hour
making fun of kathy lee and hoda
begging sadie to come inside
scrounging for something to eat for lunch
carpool lines
"it's really not nice to talk back to mrs. meaghan"
cleaning up another family's mess
"let's be peaceful"
sticky fingers and dortio breath
scrounging for something to eat for dinner
teen mom
fighting for the covers
waking up and starting all over again.

i'm trying really hard to fight the cycle of less time on the internet/tv and more time in the word. making my lazy butt hit the gym. oh, and couponing... forget 'bout it (in best joey voice). 

where is my motivation!?! 

what helps you stay motivated?


Orange it Lovely said...

lol I know you're in a funk but you made me laugh. It really does gets so monotonous doesnt it?
I step out of it and shut a door. Take 30 mins to yourself and just breath. Or read or do anything but blog, take care of kids and the hubby. My time is wine in a candle lit room with a bubble bath! might not be motivation but it helps me relax. Then I am motivated!
Take care of you girl!

Meaghan said...

I've decided to go for veggie plate at cracker barrel and new coffees for my keurig. Lame, I know, but its cold here and nothing makes me more happy than artery clogging green beans (oxymoron? yes).

Wine is next. Thank you for your sweet advice and helping me laugh at myself:)

Courtenay@Signal Hill Interiors said...

I love this post! I so know how you feel. It's like I'm always spinning my wheels and getting nowhere sometimes. I find it's not always that I need to change something, other than maybe my perspective. I try to take time to realize how perfect my life really is right now and pay attention to all the great things going on around me. That makes me feel better cause there are always so many perfect things to find. Oh, and wine is good too!

kelley @ the eclectic owl said...

Completely understand how you're feeling. I've been in a funk lately too - just so much going on that all I want to do is be lazy when I have a chance. So you are not alone girl! It'll pass and before you know it you'll be a coupon cuttin' gym hoppin' fool ;)

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