my heater-hog pup.
we are on snow day #2 here and i. am. going. crazy. 
yes, 4 days of free vacation is awesome! but what the heck am i suppose to do? being from florida the only time we get days off is for hurricanes. earth shaking, tree rocking, windows breaking, roof collapsing hurricanes. another words "scared for your life days". snow days are pretty, quiet, and boring! 

ok, so i could be productive; study, read, work-out, write thank-you letters. mmm yeah not happening. something about the industrial sized space heater that i had a to fight a crazy lady at walmart for (thats another blog post) or the heated blanket the MIL gave me, i am lazy. instead, i have inhabited the same pj set for 3 days, read waaaay to many blogs, facebook stalked, watched the bachelor, and stuffed my face. 

for you snow day veterans out there, how do you do it?

on another note, my guilty pleasure aka, britney spears, came out with her new single today. you can judge but i will forever love this girl for 2 reasons...
1. at age 14 i sat 9 rows back from a stage (with my mother) and screamed hit me baby one more time. appropriate for a teen? probably not. 
2. my husband and spears share the same birthday. it was destined. 

i'm pretty sure this is the new "creepster at the bar" anthem but i still love you brit. 

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Susan said...

ha! Your post was funny. That storm, by the way, is headed right where I live! By tomorrow at this time, I should have survived a day in my own jammies! Susan

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