over spring break i met my new favorite little man named carter. my best friend of 19 years is due in june and is literally the cutest preggers ever! sharing life together with someone like kristy is pretty incredible. more like a sister than a friend. here are a few pictures taken of carter taking his picture :) needless to say this was a really really sweet moment for me. how great, creative and sovereign is our God! 
carter hiding from the camera.

thumbs up dude!

i mean how cute is this?

little feet and toes.

finally seeing that sweet face.
 i can't forget about these babies, Roscow and Nahla...
the soon to be big brother and sister!
carter will be enjoying his first party this weekend in pensacola! To my dismay, i will not be able to attend :(...
kristy & carter,
i miss you both so much! praying that you have the most wonderful time this weekend. auntie meaghan loves you :)

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Susan said...

Isn't it totally awesome to see life before it even meets the world! Incredible. Susan

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