Secret Blogger

I have finally decided to try out this whole blog thing.

Yeah, that's right I'm a blogger, a secret one of sorts. For the past couple of months I have flirted with the whole blogging scene and discovered a whole new world. A world I really like.

In the past I did the online journal thing which ended up more like a gossip column. I know I'm not a writer, far from it, but there is something magical about letting it all out there.

I hope that this blog will be a number of things. But one of the main goals is to show my truthful attempt to walk with the One who saves by His unexpected grace.

So here it goes. My out of the blog closet moment.

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The Macchio Family said...

I'm glad you started a blog... I love your title... we named our daughter Emma Grace because of His saving grace... look forward to reading more... ~ kim

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