burnt milk

Ok, I have a valid excuse for the late post this Monday. Honestly, our internet was down ALL DAY. I was privileged enough to talk to a Charter Communications worker for two hours who I'm pretty sure lives in India. In all reality, I doubt there is any one out there that is chomping at the bit to read my oh-so-important post. With all that said, here is what's cooking:

Monday- Baked Potato Soup- to my dismay this meal was a total bust!!! I felt so bad for my hardworking, hungry, husband when he closed his nose to swallow each bite. Let's just say I burnt the flour/milk mixture. Has anyone ever smelled burnt milk? Enough said.
Tuesday- Chicken stir fry
Thursday- Buttered Chicken, rice, and green beans- my favorite family chicken recipe! My Nanny made this all the time for me along with my mom. I hope to post soon, just waiting on my mom to hand it over. Oh, and try this green bean recipe, it is the only way I can get Ross to eat the things!
Friday- Leftovers

How was your Valentine's Day?

Ross and I spent Saturday with a laid back celebration of our love. The day included a dozen roses, Valentine's Day the movie (matinee of course), romantic trip to Publix, followed by the best pasta ever. This year we decided to eat in and I am pretty fond of the fact that we did. Let's just say I redeemed myself with this recipe from the burnt milk episode tonight. Delicious. Who knew you could google search your favorite Cheesecake Factory recipe and save so much by making it at home. Half the battle was already won by knowing the hubby loved the dish to begin with. Definitely doing this more often. Dinner also included spinach artichoke dip and caesar salad (made by Ross) followed by my french garlic bread and homemade chocolate chip cookies. We saved a ton and even better, we spent a night together in the kitchen. A recipe for a perfect date.

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*** Disclaimer: When making the Louisiana Style Chicken Pasta don't use the amount of heavy whipping cream it calls for. 1. waaaay to unhealthy 2. not needed and tastes just the same. I cut the amount in half and maybe even a little less than that. I also used olive oil instead of butter to cook the vegetables and chicken.***

You can find my Monday menu and many more at Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday!


Heather said...

Added the green beans to my recipe box at All Recipes. Also, anxious to get your mom's recipe. OH MY, that had to have been pretty bad with the milk, yuck! Did you use that same recipe we did over here? Did you add more milk & if so was it soupier?

Rachel said...

Your Valentines Dinner looks gorgeous!!!

And I'm pretty sure all Charter phone reps live in India! EXCEPT for one - when we were with Charter, we met this great Twitter guy - UMatter2Charter - he was awesome! Even though we ended up switching to U-Verse because Charter still...stank, we're still friends with Eric on Twitter because he was SOO great to deal with. He fixed problems for us in five minutes that we'd been working for MONTHS with the customer care trying to get fixed.

Best of luck with your internet issues! I remember those days...quite unfondly.

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