our picking process has finally come to an end today. the foundation is being poured and we could not be more excited/nervous.

the beauty of building your own custom home is being able to pick everything. and when i mean everything i mean EVERYTHING. plugs, mortar, toilets, location of ac pad, door swings. overwhelming is an understatement. we had no idea how many choices we would be given. basically we are walking in the dark and hoping when we finally turn on the light to our masterpiece it will be beautiful.

ross has been such the trooper. today we picked paint and it was painful. i'm facing decorator's block. ross just looks and me saying. "no clue babe, you pick. you know best." uh, do i? my dreams have been filled with paint fans. i went into today's meeting knowing exactly what i wanted and left crossed eyed and completely unsure. i need help.

here is what i'm thinking...

Sherwin Williams Sawdust throughout the house:

or Favorite tan:

Ancient Marble in kitchen and master suite:

or Unique Gray:

or Conservative Gray:

or Comfort Gray:

basically we love grays, blue-greens, and olive tans. any other Sherwin Williams paint colors would be greatly appreciated!

hopeful to post pictures of our lot soon :)


Anonymous said...

Hey its Jen! We are in the process of trying to paint our house, and we love grey too! We chose Glidden "Worn and Weathered Tin" for the living room and "French Buttercup Petal", a yellow, for the kitchen. I am sure everything will come out great, cant wait to see pics!

Kayla Danelle Anderson said...

oooh comfort grey!! Especially for the bedroom! It's similar to what we have in our room and it's so relaxing to walk in there. So much so, that we have painted our second house now that same color in our bedroom. :)

Jennifer B said...

I'm stopping over from Fabulous K! I love the colors you picked! I LOVE the Unique Gray! :)

Meaghan said...

Thanks all :) i it the bullet today and bought paint samples. posting picks and inspiration soon!

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