after a week of watching paint samples jump instead of sheep i decided to buy some piece of mind. $15 later we have painted paper. hmm... tilt head and squint eyes...

SW Favorite Tan

SW Sawdust

SW Conservative Gray

totally and utterly in love with Conservative Gray. oh happy day!

Sawdust definitely has some green. i love the jcrew olive meets blue gray especially since i plan to use navy blue, coral, and sea glass as my pops of color in the rooms. i'm just not sure if its just toooo dark and green. Favorite Tan is the happy medium but its too close to the color of a band-aid. oh vey.

thoughts? mind you Sawdust or Favorite Tan will be the majority of our house for the time being.


Tanya said...

I'm voting for the conservative gray! Very soothing and lighter than the others. =)

Rachael said...

gray is the best!

Tiffany Ashley said...

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with conservative gray or sawdust!! However, CG is such a fun and subtle way to mix things up from the usual neutral tones!


So glad I found you over at Fabulous K's link up!

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