no I'm not talking about Ross' token dance move (and when i mean token i mean only dance move), we finally have the real thing! in 2 weeks we went from owning a slab to a frame, a roof, and now windows and doors!

our pretty little piece of concrete.
the happy/proud owners or lot 93.
being sketch while our crew did their thang.
front porch.
back porch.
sadie's soon-to-be oasis.
ready to man handle his yard.
raised that roof.
we have a fireplace!
front door and windows!
back door.
ready for brick.
so beautiful; dumpster and all.


Heather said...

Ahhhhh, so amazing!

Tanya said...

How fun...I would be so giddy!

Susan said...

oooooo, you are going to have a GORGOEUS house. So exciting. I know I LOVE our fireplace. Does it snow in Alabama? You WILL love IT in the winter. Take care. Thanks for sharing. Susan

Connie said...

Thanks so much for posting pictures!! I love it!! I can't believe how quickly it is being built!! So exciting. I just look forward to seeing it in real life this summer!!

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