freak out

only 33 days until closing! my my how time flies (insert southern accent). in all seriousness though its becoming more real. i had my first minor freak out last week. tears were involved along with hot sweats and panicky phone calls. bless my poor husbands heart. how he puts up with his crazy o.c.d. wife is beyond me.

everything is all good, just hiccups. in case you were wondering, conservative gray is not gray. more like a soft pale blue. it's not what i expected and i can't say i love it but its growing on me. i have to remind myself daily that it's just paint and so easy to change. however, favorite tan is awesome! we love it. it's in the majority of the house so this is a good thing. besides painted walls we now have tile, the fireplace surround, a driveway and garage doors!


right after painting

definitely blue!

love our fireplace tile!!

so happy with his choice :)

cabinets are in!

master bath

still painting and landscaping to be done
mi madre is coming in town for the long weekend and i can't wait for her to see the house! she has an expert eye and i so desperately need her help. we plan on thrifting and furniture shopping; i will let you know if we find anything :)

speaking of shopping... i am currently selling a bunch of home goods on ebay. everything is new, i'm just ready for a change in our house. check it all out here: http://shop.ebay.com/meaghanrt850/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=
i plan on selling a ton more including this. so check back in the future if you are interested!

hope you have a wonderful memorial day weekend!

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