what a weekend!

ross and i had the best weekend with my mom. lots of food and shopping; can't get much better than that. 

friday i made this delicious dessert  thanks to paula.

saturday we finally decided on a couch which we will be ordering today!! so excited! we also did a lot of inspiration shopping aka window shopping. love this chair from restoration hardware. plan on using this fabric nail idea somehow someday.

sunday we hit up some awesome new stores. i found this amazing ottoman that just might have to come home with me eventually. its amazing.

and my most favorite event of all was going here. definitely in the back woods but oh so worth it! if you live in the birmingham area and love junk i highly recommend you go. i took home 2 amazing finds! first an 1890s ish desk with ink well and a hole for a quail pin. it was only $30! i plan on using it as a side table in our living room. i also found an antique biscuit bowl for $15. 


monday we saw bridesmaids which was hysterical. i want to be bf with kristen wigg and melissa mccarthy. 

and in the between i was obsessed with this. seriously genius. 

hope your weekend was just as fun!


Heather said...

Yea, new couch! That dessert looks fan-freaking-tastic! Miss you, friend!

Susan said...

So happy you are getting a new couch and that you had a super weekend. Susan

Home Lighting said...

Great find! Congratulations on your new couch! By the way, the dessert looks yummy!

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