29 days

less than a month to go!! can't believe how fast the last 4 months have flown by! the only things that seem left to do is install fixtures, appliances and carpet, and paint. 

we now have our very first tree! still waiting on paint for garage doors and windows.

love my kitchen. maybe not the paint.

appliances are in! as well as the transoms.

my  kitchen desk :) still waiting for a few things to be tweaked.

master bath granite.

wood floors installed.


Susan said...

It's looking great. You are going to have a beautiful home. Susan

Aileen said...

I love your house! It's beautiful & will be even more once you're moved in. Can't wait to follow your cute house updates :)

Lettered Cottage said...

Ooooh! It's looking soooo good!!! Can't wait for the next update! :-D

Home Lighting said...

It's been a while since I last visited your blog and WOW, you're having a new home! I'm really happy for you. Keep us updated ;)

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