Well hello faithful follwers... where have yal been?

Kidding. Seriously, I've missed you. Taking a break felt good but I missed this place and I hope to stay for a while. To update you on my life I thought I would use instagram/phone photos. I stepped into this century and finally bought an iphone.

Enjoy the randomness that is this post.

Made progress in the master.

Grandmother's ornaments. 

Hosted our small group Christmas party. Meet my B'ham family :)

Lame Christmas card photo. Less exciting with no kidos to show off.

Cut your toe nails Ross, geez.
Just call us the Griswold's. 
Hot coco stirs. Mmm.

Our first big tree. 8 feet of happiness. 

Favorite Christmas present.

Loved it.

Lots of this.

Random hot air balloon.

Sweet rekindling of old friends. 

Yes, that's a dead dear. Yes, we followed this all the way back to Bama. RTR.

Celebrating the end of 2011 on Lake Martin.

Enjoying 70 degree in January.

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Ioana-Carmen said...

This is so beautifuuuul! Check my blog and tell me if you wanna follow each other!! :X


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