one great weekend

Our weekend was amazing! The weather was absolutely perfect. The hubs and I spent Saturday strolling through downtown Homewood, Sonic with the windows down for lunch, and successful shopping at Brookwood. Belk was having its Red Dot Sale so I ended up spending $41.91 and saved $274.55 on 3 tops, a cardigan, and dress all in season! Sunday was even more glorious by having the privilege to listen to our pastor (David Platt, look him up- completely devoted to Christ and His word) for 4 hours (church +class). Ross and I are taking a mission and evangelism class taught by David and it is nothing short of incredible. Learning how to effectively communicate the gospel should pretty much be the most important job as a christian. I have been so challenged already in this class and its only been the third week. The Lord is teaching me so much.

How was your weekend?

Now back to reality- Monday, cold and rainy. Spring is such a tease. 
Here's the menu:
Monday- Bachelor with the girls (I'm in charge of dessert: Mocha Dream Cake. I'll let you know how it goes)
Tuesday- Buttered Chicken, rice and green beans- Never ended up making this last week
Wednesday- Tacos
Thursday- Frozen Jambalaya 
Friday- Spaghetti 

This week is nothing amazing in the cooking department. If you read my Publix trip last week you know that I have a ton of pasta which Ross loves so we are golden. Plus, it the end of the month. 

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You can find my Monday menu and many more at Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday!

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Natalie Catherine said...

i love your menu planning!! it gives me ideas! what a lovely blog. i'll be back!

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